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About Bitfield Consulting

John Arundel, principal consultant, author, and devops expert, has been writing software for 35 years, managing Unix systems for two decades, and hacking on infrastructure from nuclear power stations to Netflix since he was knee-high to a login prompt. He has been using Puppet in commercial web operations for over 10 years and has deployed Puppet solutions for dozens of companies from Singapore to Seattle, and at fairly large scales (many thousands of servers in a single site). He is also the author of The Puppet Cookbook and The Puppet Beginner’s Guide, which have sold more than 15,000 copies, and regularly provides coaching and training on Puppet from beginner to enterprise level.

John also regularly regales his 100,000+ Twitter followers with deep thoughts about computing, configuration management, and software development at @bitfield. Even though no-one can agree what ‘devops’ means, it seems to be a partial description of what he does.

He works closely with selected clients worldwide, consulting, coaching, and training on:

  • Building devops and operations teams
  • Building a friendly, collegial, supportive, diverse, and effective team culture
  • Building scalable, reliable, and high-performance infrastructure
  • Automating systems with Puppet
  • Development workflow with Git
  • Deploying apps and services with Docker
  • Virtualization, cloud infrastructure, and containerization

About John

Words from a few of my clients:

I’ve called upon John several times across my career to provide his wisdom and guidance on all things systems. He is an excellent Puppet consultant, and a diligent proponent of all things SysOps/DevOps. He has provided mentoring and support to our entire team, and is a fine ally and negotiator.”
—Mike Thomas

John is a pleasure to work with and helps us find order in the chaos. He offers expert, prompt and reliable service, and is flexible and willing to adjust to changing requirements and priorities. I recommend him without reservation.”
—Bridget Almas

Superb from both a technical and business angle, John makes everyone in the meeting room happy with his work.”
—James Darling

John combines strong technical expertise in both system administration and programming with excellent personal skills.”
—Stephen Nelson-Smith

His skills have saved my life more than once.”
—Dan Webb

Let’s talk

Could Bitfield Consulting help you? Email John at or message @bitfield on Twitter.

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