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Sysadmins Take Note

After many years as a professional sysadmin, my best tip for those just starting out is: take notes. Our job is basically about solving hard problems. (If they were easy, users would have solved them already.) This being so, keeping a detailed notebook of everything you do is like having an external brain pack. You don’t have to remember or rediscover how you solved that bizarre DNS problem back at your last gig; it’s in the book. You don’t have to reread the man page for half an hour to remind yourself how to self-sign an SSL certificate; it’s in the book. And you don’t have to waste time wondering where you got to on the current project at the end of last week; it’s in the book. Read more »

Puppet and MySQL: create databases and users

MySQL module for Puppet

Puppet MySQL management couldn’t be easier. Most applications use some kind of SQL database, and MySQL is a simple, easy to use, drop-in solution. In this article I’ll show you how to manage your MySQL servers, users, databases, and access permissions using Puppet. Read more »

Get your life back: 12 steps to taking control of email

1. Admit you have a problem. “The mass of men,” wrote Thoreau, “lead lives of quiet desperation,” and he didn’t even have email. We’re drowning under the stuff. Sysadmins get a lot of email, and when you’re spending more time on your inbox than at the command line, there’s a problem.

When Outlook helpfully notified me one morning that I had 40,000 email messages in my inbox, I had a moment of clarity. I knew I needed to go on an email detox. But how? Read more »

10 awesome sysadmins and devops

It’s Sysadmin Appreciation Day, so here is my personal list of the most interesting and influential sysadmins and devops folk that I know (in alphabetical order, not order of merit). If you are on Twitter, you need to be following these people, and all of them are also excellent bloggers as well as awesome sysops / devministrators / tech gods. Read more »

Sysadmin iPhone apps - the portable toolbox

Have you ever needed to SSH to a server from the pub? I have. Sysadmins and devops are widely expected to be ‘always-on’, and until recently that meant carrying a laptop or netbook around with you. However, the iPhone is a powerful pocket sysadmin tool. We look at the ten essential iPhone sysadmin apps that should be available on your hip at all times. Read more »

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