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London DevOps Curry Night - Thursday 25 November 2010

Bringing together developers, sysadmins, and poppadoms

A social evening for sysadmins, developers, and the women who love them. (Or men obviously.) If you work in IT, love Unix or Macs, write code, enjoy open source products, or even if you just used to own a Spectrum when you were a kid. It’s the London DevOps Curry Night, Thursday 25th November 2010, at Ragam in Cleveland Street (near Goodge St or Warren St tube):

We will meet at the restaurant around 8.30pm, though we’ll be assembling in the nearby Grafton Arms in Grafton Way (nearest tube Warren St) from 7pm if you want to drink up an appetite!

Unfortunately this time we’ve got to limit the numbers - Ragam is a small restaurant and usually heavily booked up, so it’s first come first served. Email if you’d like to come. We usually have a diverse and interesting array of guests so all are welcome, whether you self-identify as dev, ops or allied trades and miscellaneous.

What about developers who love themselves?

I would be up for a nice curry.

Re: What about developers who love themselves?

Yes, they’re also welcome :D

Hope you can make it - long time no see!

Thanks, I've been lazy for

Thanks, I’ve been lazy for the past year or so. Got some curry based catching up!

See you then.

Coming from Lego land

Hi John…

Might be a bit late as I ferry the kids back from Windsor. Should make the curry even if I don’t make the pub.

yours, Marcus


Hi John

I should be able to make it tonight. See you later.




Sorry, just could not get back into London in time. I’ll make sure I’m at the next one.

yours, Marcus

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