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Can you master Puppet?

Pay attention at the back. Reductive Labs just announced Puppet training dates for London:

Puppet Training London: March 29 - April 2

There are two courses available: Becoming a Puppet Master (3 days) covers Puppet and Puppetmaster configuration, classes, modules, definitions, resource types, the resource abstraction layer, virtual resources, exported resources, stored configs, metaparameters, dependencies, events, tags, environments, Puppet language patterns and best practices. There’ll be a mix of teaching and interactive class exercises using your own laptop and virtual machines. It costs £1595 for the 3 day course.

If you’re a seasoned old Puppet hand and you know all that stuff by heart, then the Puppet Developer course (2 days) is probably for you. You’ll get an introduction to Ruby for Puppet, as well as learning how to craft your own custom resource types and providers, develop custom functions and Facter facts. In addition there’s a segment on testing practices and RSpec for Puppet. The cost is £995 for two days.

Register for the training (get £100 off each course if you register before March 15th) or contact Scott Campbell to find out more. And don’t forget to bring an apple for the teacher.

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