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About Bitfield Consulting

John Arundel is a consultant sysadmin and devops expert of 20 years experience. He is the author of The Puppet 3 Cookbook, The Puppet 3 Beginner’s Guide and other technical books, a well-known expert on Puppet, the open-source configuration management system, and speaks regularly at technical user groups and conferences. John also regularly regales his 10,000+ Twitter followers with deep thoughts about computing, configuration management, and software development at @bitfield.

He works closely with a small group of selected clients around the world to develop and support:

  • Scalable, reliable, performant infrastructure
  • Systems automation with Puppet
  • Devops tools, practices and culture
  • Continuous integration, testing, and deployment
  • Monitoring, reporting, and performance analysis
  • Big data
  • Virtualization and cloud infrastructure

Some of the technologies Bitfield Consulting works with: Puppet, EC2, Hadoop, HBase, Rails, Icinga, Xen, Vagrant, Redis, Clojure, Git, MySQL, RDS, PostgreSQL, HAProxy.

Let’s talk

Could Bitfield Consulting help you? Email John at or message @bitfield on Twitter.