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10 awesome sysadmins and devops

It’s Sysadmin Appreciation Day, so here is my personal list of the most interesting and influential sysadmins and devops folk that I know (in alphabetical order, not order of merit). If you are on Twitter, you need to be following these people, and all of them are also excellent bloggers as well as awesome sysops / devministrators / tech gods.

1. James Turnbull (@kartar)

James is Director of Operations at Puppet Labs and the author of the excellent Pulling Strings With Puppet book, among others. His Twitter feed has lots of useful news and info about Puppet.

2. John Allspaw (@allspaw)

John is VP of Technical Operations at Etsy and former ops supremo at Flickr. His Kitchen Soap blog is a must-read for those interested in web operations.

3. Kris Buytaert (@KrisBuytaert)

Kris is a Linux and open source expert, currently Senior Consultant at Inuits. His blog, Everything is a Freaking DNS problem, is required reading for devops and sysadmins.

4. Lindsay Holmwood (@auxesis)

Lindsay is the author of Cucumber-Nagios and the Flapjack monitoring system. Currently Senior Engineer at Bulletproof Networks, Lindsay is frequently to be seen at conferences, speaking on deployment, configuration management, testing, and automation.

5. Matt Simmons (@standaloneSA)

Matt is the author of the respected Standalone Sysadmin blog and a frequent Twitterer, organiser of the SysAdmin Day Meetup in NYC, and full of valuable tips and information.

6. Matthias Marschall (@mmarschall)

Matthias is tech lead for helpster and co-editor of the must-read Agile Web Operations blog. He writes frequently on devops, kanban, and Agile techniques, and describes himself as “passionate about simplicity and agility in web development”.

7. Patrick Debois (@patrickdebois)

Patrick is the founder of the DevOpsDays conference and a hard-working consultant, developer, network specialist, system administrator, tester and project manager. His blog, Just Enough Developed Infrastructure, is full of interesting and thoughtful articles on the devops movement and how operations fits into the bigger picture.

8. Michael Brunton-Spall (@bruntonspall)

Michael is Developer Advocate for The Guardian, certainly the country’s most technically enlightened newspaper. He’s also organiser of Scale Camp, the performance and scalability unconference, and a frequent writer and speaker on Python, Django, web development, data, scaling, and all sorts of good things.

9. Stephen Nelson-Smith (@LordCope)

Stephen is an experienced tech leader and consultant, founder of Atalanta Systems and author of the excellent Agile Sysadmin blog, which regularly features useful articles on open source software and agile operations.

10. Tom Limoncelli (@yesthattom)

Tom is co-author of The Practice of System and Network Administration, an invaluable book which is, or should be, on all good sysadmins’ desks, along with his Time Management for System Administrators. His blog at EverythingSysadmin is likewise essential reading.

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Ive been following Matt

Ive been following Matt Simmons @standaloneSA, he always have the best advices in all things techie.



..for this list. I’m looking to understand more about Puppet in particular so this is really helpful!

Re: Thanks...

Would the Puppet tutorial series be useful to you, or are you past that stage already?

In any case, you should find some handy resources dotted around this site.

Great information

Wow!!! The list is as comprehensive as it gets. I really admire the compilation of devops here and I know some of them personally. There is a great deal of information to know about these bloggers/admins and their sites are remarkable.

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